Friday, September 28, 2007

Fashion Branding - How to Build Your Apparel Brand Step By Step Process

Branding For Fashion Line

Fashion branding is the parameter set in the mindset of the customer for a loyalty towards the brand. There are many factors that make a product popular among customers. Customer experience, market demand, positive reviews are few of them. Brands don't sell you their product they sale you a particular brand image that comes with it.  Most successful luxury brands have a brand story that their consumers can buy into. Brands have certain key traits attached to them to make a statement for the consumer. Brands also reflect social status of the consumer.  This comes with brands which are already established. But what it takes to build a luxury apparel brand?
fashion branding tags labels and trims
Trim Designs - Fashion Branding Components

The journey from nobody to somebody is hard but possible. What you need is a sustained effort and retaining goodwill from each new customer you get. Your success starts from the day you start getting sales repeat from the same customer. This applies to every new brand and especially important for a new apparel brand. So building that trust, comfort, and demand, in general, is the key to the success of a brand. An extra effort every day to build that customer base is important for a fashion brand to grow. It will show its effect in a gradual manner and start to show how customers are responding. Every positive review from your customer will start endorsing your brand. So, consistent effort to address your customer's expectation with best match products. If you are successful doing this you created your brand identity.

Customer perception towards your apparel brand gets influenced by many factors. Those are design and styling, concept, promotion and past experience of customers. The above factors determine the value of the brand and its performance in the market. To keep up this trend you need balanced marketing mix along with quality and timely delivery. You need support from clothing designer, manufacturers and marketing, and logistic agents.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Why Brands Struggle in Getting Right Designs and Tech Packs

People often ask what it takes to start a successful clothing brand. Usually, my answer is to stick to the basic and stick to the process. Do not experiment things that you are not expert in rather find somebody who has expertise in that field. But people make this mistake over and again for saving few dollars. They think that they can save that extra pound with little more effort. But in reality, that cost them even more. Many times apparel brands come up with their ideas to us and that keeps changing over a period of time. Clothing designers spend time and effort to process one idea and come up with fashion flats. When ideas keep changing, the tech pack designer has to change the flats again and again and that is frustrating. Due to this the motivation to work on that project goes down and the styles do not come out properly. Satisfaction level of both client and the clothing designer keeps going down.

To make things smooth and keep up the sprite high both clients and designers have to follow a certain process that would make the job much easier.

As a client, you can communicate ideas through sketch or image to visualize. Although your ideas do not come in a defined way but still you can get lots of similarities if you check on the internet. Pick the best match of your styles that you have visualized and organize them as per the styles you want to create. If possible make some presentation with your comments on that. Put them in one-word file and copy paste the images on the word file with your comments in it. And you can now present them to a clothing designer to design your own styles. Make sure you always do one file for one style. Communicate this to the tech pack designer with your variation. Avoid giving subjective iterations while explaining the technical clothing designer. For example : "cool color" means nothing. What is "cool" for you might not be so cool for the technical clothing designer. There is always a difference in the perception between client and clothing designer.  Your design ideas get converted to tech pack and samples smoothly if you have good clarity in your explanation.

I have mentioned how clients to prepare themselves for collection design and tech packs before approaching a tech pack designer. There are a few steps to follow before approaching  technical apparel designer. You can make your work much easier to build your collection line sheet by following the simple . Once you are done with the ground work it would be worth taking the support of a tech pack designer and clothing manufacturer. Clarity in explaining your thought is important. This makes thing much easier.