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Fashion Design Studio - Urban Purple

There are number of Clothing Designer Studios across the globe which are giving wonderful Fashion design consulting service and the celebrities, Brides and most notable personalities are the clients and they spend heavy amount for their exclusive collections. Mostly those fashion studios workshops are rich in creative designs and provide custom made garments for celebrities , wedding gowns and usually dresses which are exclusive. However, there are quite a few fashion studio which are working on designs for mass productions and  give their designs and creativity which common fashion forward people can avail. Garment Design Studio for brands which produces for common people quite rare and those which are there are not many in numbers around the world. Urban Purple is one of the Fashion design studio which provides fashion design consultancy to Clothing Brands and private apparel labels which are are looking forward to provide fashion clothing at an affordable price which people can avail without having a second thought. There are numerous fashion brands which have been working with our Clothing Design Studio workshop from ages and now they have built their brand identities in the market and in peoples mind and have been loved and appreciated and demanded by the mass.

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Our mission is to bring you a carefully edited selection of the best fashion design and technical designs service for the clients around the world. Fashion Studio Urban Purple is constantly engaged in serving apparel brands and private clothing labels since 2007.The Urban Purple also has an in house fashion studio workshop in Bangalore and also have a manufacturing unit for producing small and medium production. Headed by Ms.Paromita Das Creative Director and Technical Designer, Urban Purple served more than 100 Apparel Brands across the world. Urban Purple is a Fashion Studio for Garment Design which provides  end to end solution starting for Fashion Design Consultancy, Brand Identity and Management, Garment construction and Technical design, Spec Pack Design, Line Sheet, Sample Development , Garment Production and Manufacturing. The end to end fashion consultancy helps our fashion brands in getting every ting at one place and this saves more than 30% - 40% of their cost in building their sketch to the actual garments and producing them and bringing the merchandise to their place.

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