Thursday, February 19, 2015

Apparel Production Planning - Start From Scratch to Get Perfect Ending

The Importance of apparel tech pack is always being ignored by new and small apparel brands and New clothing brand. I have many examples of apparel lines contacting me after their first sample is produced and came out not up to the expectation and with repetitive co-ordination a. Sometimes people come to us with half or almost last phase of their garment manufacturing process. Below is a Mail which I received a few days back with the following comments from an apparel brand. I recently received a desperate message on my contact from for help from one clothing brand from the USA, who is working hard to grow his new clothing company.

"Comment: hello I have clothing company name *********, over the last few years I been having problems with manufacturers messing up my pieces because of lack of detail in tech pack. I stumbled upon your site and I wanted to get in contact with you all asap because I always creating new ideas and need a company that can help illustrate and work on my tech pack. So please contact asap! Thank you!"

Apparel tech pack is created to give correct information to Garment Manufacturing Units to Follow and Proceed with garment sample development and manufacturing. So Brands must provide apparel tech pack designs to Factories to Follow. However, most of the clothing brands do not follow and ignore it. They think what difference does this make if they can manage without this. Sometimes this works well and sometimes it does not. When there are issues with the production The brand has nothing that he / she can do. The loss is quite huge if the production goes wrong. So it's better to prevent this situation and take precaution.

An apparel tech pack for a particular style is just worth 4 T-Shirts cost. If you are selling on a decent market rate. And you are producing this in quite numbers. Moreover, you can re-use the tech pack if you want to produce the garment again in future. Tech Pack Designer are Trend professionals who know what is required in a garment and provide detailing in the tech pack and spec sheet with lots of research. So ignoring this part involves lots of risk in production.

So if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, the time is now. Fill the Contact form today and our consultants would give you all support you need to become the next successful Apparel Brand.