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Tech Pack Design - Fashion Studio Urban Purple

Here’s a Quick Way to solve Your Apparel Production Issues

Worlds fashion ecosystem which is picking up steam is emerging as a lucrative Business  option for many youngsters and Upcoming entrepreneurs. What would be your approach to start a new fashion line largely deoends on the approach that you pick. Take short-cut and gamble on your fate  or steady approach and build gradually. This talks about the steps that takes you to a successful fashion venture. If you like the post like my Facebook Page to let me know you liked it.
    putting the collection together with tech pack
    clothing designer and tech packs
    Build your Fashion Line with a base that leverage on your production cost. You may take the help of Our Expert fashion tech pack Designers build factory ready tech packs and spec sheet from your sketch or ideas.We at Fashion Studio Urban Purple Support in Clothing Design, Apparel Technical Packages, Sample development and Apparel Production.We are just a mail away to solve your queries .Mail us  or Call us on +91 9035001810 with your detail and one of our Technical Designers will be in touch within 24 hours. What we need from your end is :
    • A brief description of your project.
    • Your Collection Detailing 
    • When do you want to Start the Project
    Get a Quote Now  for Clothing Designer, Apparel Tech Pack Design Service or Garment Manufacturing  for your clothing Line sheet. You can buy the Tech Pack Templates and customize as per your requirement very soon from our Tech Pack Template Store which is coming soon. Avail the base template and customize as per your collection line sheet requirement.

    Have control on your quality and cost of clothing line production  by hiring our Tech Pack Design Service for producing apparel overseas. Proper Tech Packs and Spec Sheets may save almost 25-30% in production cost by giving accurate information to factory. Reuse Tech Sheet anytime for repeating orders with any factory. Tech  Packs let you know and let you plan your budget from beginning. Finally with tech sheet you can be rest assured on your clothing quality and timeline. At Fashion Studio Urban Purple our expert technical designers back your valuable investment and time on preparing the Clothing Line Sheet. Services That We Provide:
    • Freelance Clothing Design Service
    • T-Shirt Graphic Design
    • Line Sheet Design
    • Clothing Tech Pack Design
    • Illustration
    • Pattern Design Service
    • Branding and Packaging
    • Sample Development
    • Garment Manufacturing
    The Technical Clothing Design As Done in Our Fashion Design Studio has every thing that a factory needs to produce the garments. You can get the detailed instructions which you can directly send to factories to produce your garment sample. To initiate the process you may send your sketches or photographs of the style. For Measurement specs we need the base measurements which you can take easily. We would be sending the guideline on how you should take those. We can prepare the detailed spec sheet once we have the base measurement from your end. Once the Tech Pack is prepared we can provide you the Source file in Adobe PDF, AI and .CDR file. The Designs and Graphics are Completely Editable for Print and Embroidery Designs and Screen Making.

    About Fashion Studio and Apparel Production Unit – Urban Purple
    Fashion Studio and Apparel Production Unit – Urban Purple Fashion studio urban purple with integrated garment manufacturing unit is an export oriented end to end apparel solution provider. With more than 10 full-time fashion technical designer and in total of 40 staff urban purple emerged as one of the top fashion studio in India. We are design and tech pack design partner for number of clothing lines and provide support from concept design, till clothing production. Fashion studio urban purple works on short term and long term contract or by job that suit clients' specific requirement time line and deadlines.
    Designer Online Store for Mans and Womens
    P.S. - First time reading my posts? Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Not only do I write on technical design, but I'm also founder of Fashion Studio Urban Purple, A Fashion Studio and Garment Manufacturing Company Based in Bangalore India. , and currently provide service like Apparel Design,Technical Design, and Garment Production to small and medium Clothing Lines and Apparel Brands. I hope you'll check them both out!

    Purchase & Download T-Shirt Tech Pack Template $ 50 USD
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    Thursday, February 19, 2015

    Apparel Production Planning - Start From Scratch to Get Perfect Ending

    The Importance of Apparel Tech Pack is always being ignored by new and small apparel brands and New Clothing Line. I have many example of Apparel Lines contacting me after every thing is over. But Most of the time people come to me after they have done all the disaster and no further rectification is possible. Below is a Mail which I received few days back with the following comments from a Apparel Brand. I recently received a desperate message on my contact from for help from one clothing brand from USA, who is working hard to grow his new clothing company.

    "Comment: hello I have clothing company name *********, over the last few years I been having problems with manufacturers messing up my pieces because of lack of detail in tech pack. I stumbled upon your site and I wanted get in contact with you all asap, because I always creating new ideas and need a company that can help illustrate and work on my tech pack. So please contact asap! Thank you!"

    Apparel Tech Packs are created to give correct information to Garment Manufacturing Units to Follow and Proceed with Garment Sample Development and Manufacturing. So Brands must provide Apparel Tech Pack Designs to Factories to Follow. However, Most of the Clothing Brands do not follow and Ignore it. They think what difference does this make if they can manage without this. Sometimes this works well and sometimes it does not. When there is issues with the Production The Brand has nothing that he / she can do. The Loss is quite huge if the production goes wrong. So its better to prevent this situation and take precaution.

    An Apparel Tech Pack for a Particular style is just worth 4 T-Shirts Cost. If you are selling on a decent market rate. And you are producing this in quite numbers. Moreover, you can re-use the tech pack if you want to produce the garment again in future. Technical Apparel Designers are Trend professionals who knows what is required in a garment and Provide Detailing in the Tech Pack and Spec Sheet with a lots of Research. So ignoring this part involves a lots of risk in production.

    So if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, the time is now. Fill the Contact form today and our consultants would give you all support you need to become the next successful Apparel Brand.

    Friday, February 13, 2015

    Fashion Trend and Color Trend 2014 - 2015

    Every fashion conversation begins with color! Color excites, ignites and stimulates the senses, creating endless possibilities for a individual to reinvent his / her wardrobe. Customers Mood of the mass determines how the colors would attract the customers and what goes in. Color inspires our society and helps us give an identity and individual uniqueness. This Connects us with diversity and unity in a broader scale.Color defines the mood and attitude of each season, giving the customer immediate style credit in her closet. Clothing Designers and Trend Forecasters have came up with the colors of 2015 with the introduction of Pantone Colors of 2015. The Latest color trend forecasts shows a settle mood sets which is the indication of new dimension to the mood set of customers.

    Color Report 2015

    The combination of classic and chaos is essential today for most brands in sportswear, ready-to-wear, activewear, kids of course, and the world of accessories. Keeping this in Mind the Color Report of 2015 shows a combination of both Seattle and provocative colors that brings a balance through the customer base. 2015 Color Report touches almost every customers choice and brings about an equilibrium to the whole arena of market weather it is USA, EU far East or Asian Countries customers. Quite a Balanced and safe color forecast that has something for every body.
    Fashion Studio Urban Purple is one of the Leading Fashion Studio Provide End to End Solution To Apparel Brands and Private Clothing Labels . We provide Apparel Design, Tech Pack Design, Garment Manufacturing and Fashion Branding Solution to Apparel Brands Across Globe. You may Get In touch with us for Your Apparel Design and Tech Pack Design Requirements through our website http://www.paromitadas.com/contact.php.

    Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    Apparel Technical Specification Template

    Apparel Technical Specification Template or Tech Pack Templates is the Most Searched Product in My Blog and Every Body Wants to Get the Tech Pack Template and customize their T-Shirt or Hoodies or the common styles and give them for Production. Tech Pack Template Can solve quite a few requirements if you are producing a T-Shirt or any common style that do not have any other detailing. You may expect the most common Apparel Specifications which is needed to produce the garment . However, If you are going for a Customization and have your own style in terms of cuts, or any specific printing technique or embroidery style , or with some specific measurement specs then it is advisable to prepare or get this prepared from  a Technical Clothing Designer. So in Nutshell it Tech Pack Templates are useful if you are going for very common styles and that is produced in almost every Garment Manufacturing Units.

    Most of the New Apparel Brands try to find out Tech Pack Templates from the Net and using that they try to produce their garments. You should be very sure of what you are going to do and must cross check the tech pack template gives you the right information for your T-Shirts. Here what best you can do is to send a mail to the person from whom you are purchasing or getting the techpack template and makeing sure that the specs given in template is what you are looking for. Proceeding for Apparel Production without knowing the right specs might result disaster for you. So for a Precotion purpose it is always better to make sure.

    We are soon going to Launch our Tech Pack Template Store which would be quite wide in terms of styling and would cover all the standard measurements of USA, EU and Asian countries body fit. This would also provide you the complete Stitching and Trim Detailing garment construction detailing and other detailing that is most needed to customize your garments. It would omit the detailing which is customer specific like Colors, Prints and Embroideries other than that it would have everything that you need to give the specs to a apparel production unit. Stay Tuned....

    Purchase & Download T-Shirt Tech Pack Template $ 50 USD
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    Sunday, February 8, 2015

    Manufacturers and Exporters of Readymade Garments

    India is then next best hub for Manufacturers and Exporters of Readymade Garments and now Apparel Brands and Importers are eyeing on Indian Manufacturers and Exporters of Readymade Garments to build their business relationships and seeking the quality and timely delivery of their merchandise. Especially after the introduction of the current government and growing business interrelationship between India and United States the requirement for Manufacturers and Exporters of Readymade Garments have increased considerably. 

    There are two different aspect to the growth of apparel and fashion industry and with growing discounted marketplaces and stiff competition and need for change compels apparel brands and new fashion labels to keep their Apparel production quantity low and at the same time give a lots of verity to the demanding customers. To cope up with this situation not many Manufacturers and Exporters of Readymade Garments are prepared. This is because of the transaction period that they are going through as dominant apparel brands were trying to tap the market so long as it was not so open as it is now. However, since the customers are now moving towards newer and fresh options and with growing purchasing power every customer wants something new and fresh. So sustainability of one particular Style and Trend is no more there. Therefore the need today is for Manufacturers and Exporters of Readymade Garments who can produce in smaller quantity and should have their in house apparel design studio and Clothing Designers that can bring about new and fresh designs and styles to offer to the apparel brands and private labels.
    Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Readymade Garments
    Working with quite a number of Apparel Brands and Clothing Designers we have understood this need for New and Upcoming Apparel Brands and we have on the process of Setting up a solution that would suit the newcomers to come up and grow. Therefore Fashion Studio Urban Purple has came up with some solution where in they can support small order quantity that can fit the pocket of our customer. Apparel Brands now can afford to take the service of Urban Purple as Manufacturers and Exporters of Readymade Garment. To Know more about our services Please get in touch with one of our Clothing Designers and they would guide you through the process. 

    Fashion Studio Urban Purple is well Equipped to Provide World-class Services on  Apparel Design, Tech Packs, Sample Development and Apparel Production. So if you are looking for a Complete End - To - End Solution for your Clothing Line you are at the right place where in you can get almost all solution that you require to get your business up and running.