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Care Instructions and Brand Management ( Tech Pack Design )

The basic difference between an illustrator and a Technical Designer (Tech Pack Designer) is the technical clothing designer gives detailing to every minute and small instruction that is important when producing the garments. One of them is Labels and Tags which serves as a part of Apparel Branding and Care Instruction.

Fashion Labels and Hang Tags when you see on a consumer point of view have Farley less importance. However, bigger brands and Labels take these things quite seriously and give serious importance. Before we discuss about the Hang Tags and Label design we must know the use and importance of Labels and Hang Tags. Hang Tags and Labels are important for any garment brand for two reasons. One - For Giving a status to the brand and second it gives certain instructions and information about the product that customers are buying and using.

Clothing Designer
General Care Instruction Used in Apparel Brands - Care Labels
From the usability perspective the Labels and Tags specifically Hang Tags and Care labels are important as it have certain instructions like how to wash, how to dry and how to take care of your cloths. Failing to follow those instructions could spoil your garments and you will not be able to get the maximum usability of it. Now the question comes what are the instructions that a care label should have in order to instruct the customer and where these labels should be placed when you prepare the garment.

Only a Technical Clothing Designer can give these instructions keeping in mind the fabrics, Prints and embroidery  and other embellishment used. Although small these minute things can change and give much value to your clothing brand. 

Secondly, When it comes to branding part, Certain Apparel Brands which are on the top of the list keep maximum importance. This is one of the most important marketing and branding strategy for many apparel brands. Apparel Branding and Marketing done through Hang Tags and Labels raise the Brand value of the product manifold. It affects various factors like price, brand value, visual merchandising etc. So if your Apparel brand is not doing well or having low sales then probably you should go back and review these small factors again and improve wherever it is necessary.

Coming to Fashion Studio URBAN PURPLE. We are one of the leading fashion studios and Apparel Branding and Technical Design Consultants which has best of technical and creative designers in our team to take your brands to the next level. Weather you are an existing brand and want to give a new look to your brand for a better positioning or a newly launching apparel brand feel free to get in touch with us and we will find the right kind of solution to you. Our clothing designers would be more than happy to consult you and solve your problems. Our clothing designers from various parts of the world follow the street fashion and we keep ourselves updated with the latest fashion trend and lifecycle. 

You may get in touch with us for your Clothing Design , Tech Pack Design and Garment Manufacturing requirements at any point of time. Just Fill the form below our clothing designer portfolio and one our designers would be in touch with you.

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Tech Pack Design - Fashion Studio Urban Purple

Here’s a Quick Way to solve Your Apparel Production Issues

What would be your approach when you start a new Clothing Line? Take short-cut and gamble on your fate? or Take a firm steady approach and build gradually? This talks about the steps that takes you to a successful clothing venture. Read through this thoroughly if you are serious about what you want to be. If you like the post like my Facebook Page to let me know you liked it.
    putting the collection together with tech pack
    clothing designer and tech packs

    Build your Fashion Line with a base that leverage on your production cost. You may take the help of Our Expert fashion tech pack Designers build factory ready tech packs and spec sheet from your sketch or ideas.We at Fashion Studio Urban Purple Support in Clothing Design, Apparel Technical Packages, Sample development and Apparel Production.We are just a mail away to solve your queries .Mail us  or Call us on +91 9035001810 with your detail and one of our Technical Designers representative will be in touch within 24 hours.

    What we need from your end is :
    • A brief but detailed description of the scope of the project.
    • An explanation of where and how the Designs and Tech Packs will be used.
    • A due date or timeline. 
    Get a Quote Now  for Clothing Designer, Apparel Tech Pack Design Service or Garment Production for your clothing Line. You can buy the Tech Pack Templates and customize as per your requirement. Avail the base template and customize as per your apparel brand requirement.

    Have control on your quality and cost of clothing line production  by hiring our Tech Pack Design Service for producing apparel overseas. Proper Tech Packs and Spec Sheets may save almost 25-30% in production cost by giving accurate information to factory. Reuse Tech Sheet anytime for repeating orders with any factory. Tech  Packs let you know and let you plan your budget from beginning. Finally with tech sheet you can be rest assured on your clothing quality and timeline. At Fashion Studio Urban Purple our expert technical designers back your valuable investment and time on preparing the Clothing Line Sheet.

    Services That We Provide:
    • Freelance Clothing Design Service
    • T-Shirt Graphic Design
    • Line Sheet Design
    • Clothing Tech Pack Design
    • Illustration
    • Pattern Design Service
    • Branding and Packaging
    • Sample Development
    • Garment Production
    The Technical Clothing Design As Done in Our Fashion Design Studio has every thing that a factory needs to produce the garments. You can get the detailed instructions which you can directly send to factories to produce your garment sample.

    To initiate the process you may send your sketches or if you want to replicate any existing clothing you can send the detailed photograph of the style. For Measurement specs we need the base measurements which you can take easily. We would be sending the guideline on how you should take those. We can prepare the detailed spec sheet once we have the base measurement from your end. Once the Tech Pack is prepared we can provide you the Source file in Adobe PDF, AI and .CDR file. The Designs and Graphics are Completely Editable for Print and other purposes.

    About Fashion Studio and Apparel Production Unit – Urban Purple

    Fashion Studio and Apparel Production Unit – Urban Purple

    Fashion studio urban purple with integrated garment manufacturing unit is an export oriented end to end apparel solution provider. With more than 10 full-time fashion technical designer and in total of 40 staff urban purple emerged as one of the top fashion studio in India. We are design and tech pack design partner for number of clothing lines and provide support from concept design, till clothing production. Fashion studio urban purple works on short term and long term contract or by job that suit clients' specific requirement time line and deadlines.

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    P.S. - First time reading my posts? Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Not only do I write on technical design, but I'm also founder of Fashion Studio Urban Purple, A Fashion Studio and Garment Manufacturing Company Based in Bangalore India. , and currently provide service like Apparel Design,Technical Design, and Garment Production to small and medium Clothing Lines and Apparel Brands. I hope you'll check them both out!

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    Tech Pack Design - Lingerie and Beach Wear

    Fashion Studio - Urban Purple has expert clothing designers specialized in Lingerie and Beach Wear. We are one of the leading clothing design companies design beach wear and lingerie for 6 years. Get your Intimate wear line designed from our specialized Technical Lingerie Designers and send those tech sheets to factory overseas for production. World Leading Intimate wear brands associated with Fashion Studio - Urban Purple.

    For Apparel Brand is seeking a talented Men's or Women's  Lingerie Designer to join their team or get associated as a freelance clothing designer must look for organized and fast-moving professional with excellent communication skills in this dynamic role. It is important that the technical designer must know how to Prepare production tech packs and spec sheets for Lingerie. it is important to understand the need to Create, modify and refine designs to fit customer needs, price points, and margins specifically for lingerie. Unlike any other style design and tech sheet the margin of error or tolerance is almost nill on Lingerie and a Lingerie.

    There are Very Few clothing designers who put their hand on Lingerie and intimate wear production packs in fashion design. Yet it is the most common and widely used garment. Technical Drawings contain information that is essential for designers, buyers, pattern cutters, and production teams. Fits and Measurements are the most important aspect of Lingerie and precision in detailing required is more as compared to any body-hugging garments. The Two Most important aspect of Lingerie Design is its Measurement Spec Sheet and the stitching detail. In This post I would like to highlight two aspects.

    Tech Pack Design Service - Lingerie and Beach Wear

    Firstly, The Measurement Detailing. Two things particularly need to be marked in this

    1. The Band Size
    2. The Cup Size

    Both Band Size and Cup Size for any Lingerie should be measured correctly to get the right fit. Both need to be well balanced together to get the perfect shape of the Lingerie.

    First let’s discuss the Band Size.

    Band Size: For a Well Fitted Bra for any female the Bust should be approximately halfway between the elbow and Shoulder. In a well fitted bra, the bustling should support at the right level. Therefore the measurement of the Band size must be well proportionate to the mid-level between your shoulder and your elbow both front and back. When it sits lower at the back, it fits firmly and remains horizontal, rather than pushing upwards creating a bulge.

    The Sizing details of a lingerie technical pack are quite precise and there tolerance level is almost nil in Lingerie Design and Measurement Specs. So the testing for the Fits of any lingerie takes longer time than any other garments.

    Clothing Designer at  Fashion Studio Urban Purple Design Studio prepare Tech Pack Design for Various Lingerie Brands across globe.

    To be continued…. Stay Tuned...

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