Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to Plan Before Starting Apparel Brand

Planning Before Starting Apparel Brand

The first mantra of starting an apparel brand is to figure out what your customer wants in your area. There’s no point developing a product that no one wants. So just like any business, you have to be customer focused. Moreover, keep in mind customers taste changes slow no matter how they project themselves. So if you are thinking that your customers will not buy if you make some conventional styles its wrong. Thinking out of the box is great. But when it comes to catering a mass it is always better to make a conservative choice.

How to communicate your vision of your style to technical clothing designer?

Clients face the difficulty in communicating their ideas and vision of styles. Putting them on paper as a sketch that they can communicate to the technical designer is a challenge. Your vision is something that needs the effort to communicate through visual presentation. So you must do some research and figure out similar styles available in the market. This is possible with an extensive research through the internet. I am not saying you get exact but definitely, it will take close to your vision. Now the next step is to comment the gaps in points. You can comment the detailing that you want with your style and put them in a paper. This will give you a close vision of what you want from that particular style. Now you can communicate this to a technical designer.

Avoid giving subjective iterations in your comment while explaining the technical clothing designer. For example: "cool color" means nothing. What is "cool" for you might not be so cool for the technical clothing designer. There is always a difference in the perception between client and clothing designer.

Constant Change in Design Idea and How it Affect Tech Pack Design & Production

Brands often ask technical clothing designers how many times they can change the designs. The reason is the ideas they have when it comes to real picture it does not look as expected. That is why brands keep asking for change, again and again, to come up with their expectation. This often creates a big problem for the technical designer. Because when you change the design idea the whole process of tech packs changes. The technical designer has to make the tech pack all over again. Often apparel brands come up with their own idea to us and that keeps changing over a period of time. Clothing designer took out their most time and effort to come up with the ideas as per client's need. Due to this the motivation to work on that project goes down and the styles do not come out as expected. Satisfaction level of both client and the clothing designer keeps going down.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tech Pack Design - Fashion Studio Urban Purple

Easy Way to Start your Clothing Line

Tech pack design forms the foundation for a growing apparel brand. But most often the point often overlooked by brands starting new. Stop trying to do everything alone when starting your clothing line and wondering where to begin? Business is always a team game and you need a team to execute the operation. You need technical clothing designer, coordinators, apparel production house to execute your line sheet. Everyone should work as a team to help build your brand merchandise. So your job is to make sure all the segment sync and work together with proper coordination. Finding an integrated unit that offers all service can add value to your business even better. A unit with integrated apparel design, tech pack design and garment manufacturing facility.

By all means sourcing, an integrated clothing designer and manufacturer is always preferable. Especially, when you are a sourcing clothing designer and garment manufacturer. You may take the support to design and produce your merchandise of your brand. There are very few fashion studio and garment units with an end to end solution. One of them is Fashion Studio Urban Purple. We assist customers in apparel design, tech pack design, sample development, and manufacturing. We operate in an integrated fashion unit that supports you from concept to customer. So, brands starting new need to make the most out of it from their limited investment. This is only possible when you get everything at one place.

Tech Pack Designer

We at Urban Purple support you in converting your ideas to factory ready tech pack design. Our technical designers understand your raw sketches and convert them in structured specs. Be rest assured on tech pack design that factories interpret and execute production. Tech Packs help to develop your sample and produce garments with perfection. Tech pack specifies instructions clothing manufacturer follows to achieve the desired outcome. This reduces time and efforts to produce garments in mass with less cost to a large extent. Tech pack design has complete garment detailing and graded measurement spec sheet. It helps garment units to execute production process in a structured way. This helps develop a correct pattern and sample with a reduced effort. It also helps in mass production with reducing the cost to a large extent.
 Clothing Manufacturer
Building apparel brand is a team effort. You need close associates in every aspect of your brand development. Every factor in garment development and manufacturing is vital. So active participation of technical designer, manufacturer are as important as yours. Your support on communicating your idea is much needed. To get started we need your idea explained to us in detail and with some sketches or images. Before you seen support on tech pack design and clothing manufacturing you need some basic preparation. Here are some of the tips that help understand steps to follow before hiring tech pack designer.

· Your ideas and sketches/inspiration images
· Your Brand Logo
· Base Measurement of any of your competitors or Brands that best fits for your segment.
For Your Clothing Line Sheet Contact Clothing Designer

Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to Build Successful Apparel Brand The 6 - P Factor

Are you the kind of person who knows that they are going to be a success?

Building a successful fashion brand is fun at the same time brings a lot of challenge. In fact, every business needs some focus and direction that drives its own pace for growth. The most common aspect of a growing fashion brand is the 6P factors. Those are Product, price, Place, people, promotion, and process. Any business that masters on the above factors are bound to build a successful brand name. Especially when you are building an apparel brand, you cannot ignore those factors. More than half of the brands starting new fail to recognize the above factors. This leaves an open playing field for confident people willing to take future in their own hands. So let's discuss the factors that affect the growth of brand building.

Product: Brand image depends on the value for money you are offering to your customers. Your products and its quality contribute to a large extent to your brand identity. The business of fashion is fast changing.  To keep pace with changing fashion trend brands have to come up with fresh collection on a regular basis. To come up with new product ideas a team of clothing designer makes all the difference. You can build a firm base by hiring a clothing designer with grassroots level experience. An ideal person is who has worked in a factory environment.

Price: Of course price is one of the dominating factors affecting buying decision. Customers are less impulsive to focused when taking a purchasing decision. Especially, when customers are purchasing lifestyle products like clothing and accessories. They see other factors like brand reputation, product quality, the latest fashion trend. The price of a product has a direct connection with the cost of a particular product. So to keep the price in control you need to focus on the cost of the production as well. Clothing designer considering price in planning a collection, offer great potential to success.  This is possible when you plan your product from the beginning and tech pack design is the first step.

Place: Positioning an apparel brand with right place and time is key to its success. Choosing the right place and time to start clothing brand has a lot of importance on the success of the brand. Especially when starting a brand with physical store location matters a lot. Every city and locality have location that attracts different types of customers. And your brand value depends on the location you put your store. Moreover, brand retail stores also function as customer service for online sale. This is a huge boost for the profit of your apparel brand.

Promotion:  Promotion and marketing is an inevitable part of brand building. This needs careful research and brand positioning that brings customers to your doorstep. You must reach to your customer till they come back to you. Moreover, customers are agile and need constant buzz. So keep up your sales intact you need constant touch base with your active customers.

People: Building a business is a team work and your team means an association of eligible and skilled people to help you build your business. When you deal with two different types of people vendors and customers and both are equally important.

Process: Every business operation has its own process of operating and in the fashion industry has its own way of the process as well. In the fashion industry, the process of operation can be broadly categorized into three different parts.

If we were to delight your customers to stick to your brand, what would be your priority? Look and feel, fits, brand awareness or personal touch with your customers? To be honest you need all the above to build your apparel brand to next level. You need an expert technical clothing designer to help you build the collection line sheet. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

FAQ Related to Apparel Design, Tech Packs and Garment Manufacturing & Export

We receive a lot of queries related to tech pack design and garment manufacturing in small scale. Many of the new startup brands have similar queries and they have almost same concerns. And my answer to those queries is almost the same for all. This post is the outcome to the queries that most of the clients seek the answer. So, here are the answers that clients want to know from tech pack designer and clothing manufacturer. So here we go straight to the answer of the queries. The answers are the outcome of my experience as an apparel tech pack designer.

techpack designer

How Credible and Authentic your Business?

You can visit our client testimonial as a clothing designer and garment manufacturer. Please visit the apparel brands we have served from scratch. We keep adding clients to our belt and some of our clients have their opinion about us on the blog. We are sharing what our clients have to say on this blog post. We have also shared their web address and contact details that can you can use to confirm about our service. Feel free to visit our fashion studio and garment unit in India and meet our clothing designer in person. 

Is your intent to take on start-up clients?

We support startup apparel brands with integrated clothing design and manufacturing support. Apparel brands with the limited investment when they start. But there are some limitations due to other factors like fabrics and trims MOQ. Our Intention is to support them grow big and keep doing business. If a new business comes to us it is always with a win - win intention and approach. Those clients are most welcome.

What do you need from us to get the process started?

Clients input is vital. Clothing designer can proceed further once he can visualize what the clients need. We can be certain about the style ideas only when given in a proper format. So to make the clothing designer understand you need to convey your idea in a structured format. To do so please refer the steps you should follow to convey your ideas to a technical clothing designer.   

What will be that product or service you will deliver (what does end-to-end mean)?

We are the end to end service providers for Apparel Brand. We offer Apparel Design, Tech Packs, Sample Development and Garment Manufacturing Service. Apart from this we also provide Fashion Photoshoot and E-Commerce Development Service. We have all the divisions which are there in one premise. The friction of thoughts and ideas only hampers clients interest. So, keeping all division under one roof expedite the process. This solves clients issue with vendor coordination. This is also an efficient and cost-effective way. 

What type of experience do you have with fabrics?

We have worked with Knitted Garments, Woven Garments, and Denim, Polyester Activewear Apparel. So we have experience on the fabric its quality of all the above fabrics. We also deal in Bamboo Cotton, Pima Cotton, Linen, Club Jersey, Viscose, and Fleece. We fabric processing moisture waking, Silver treatment, various kind of washes etc.

What access to have to fabrics?

We have our fabric vendors from all over India like Ludhiana, Tirupur, Ahmadabad, Surat etc.

How do you produce your fabric prints?

Yes, we do produce printed fabrics depending on the order we have to prepare garments. We need   3000 meters or 600 KG knitted fabric order for custom printed fabric.

What fabric testing do you do?

We do all kind of testing like GSM Check, Acid Check, and Azo checking. This depends on the buyer need.

What type of cost will be involved with your services?

We need to know your need and service you are seeking. We bill our customers in pay as you go method. So depending on your need we can offer our quote.

What is your product development timeline?

This again depends on the style you have. We can give you the timeline and cost of the product development only when we have the Tech Pack in our hand. We do not give any timeline or cost without technical details of your garment design.

What is your garment production timeline (to delivery)?

Usually, the Garment Manufacturing Time Line is 45 to 60 days. But, there might be 10 days.

What format do you provide that your final product?

We send tech packs through email and in PDF, Coreldraw and jpeg format. With this, you also get the measurement spec sheet in Excel Spreadsheet. To know more about our services on tech pack design and manufacturing visit our website.

Do you develop patterns? Do you do grading? What type of file is the pattern in that you produce?

We have our In-House Pattern Designers can provide Patterns both Manually and also on CAD we can give you the Pattern Flat File and Grading on DST format or Flat File Format which you can give any plotter to print the garment patterns. 

Do you do graphics? What type of file is the pattern/graphics in that you produce?

We are a Complete Fashion Studio and Provide Every Service that is required to Start an Apparel Line. In that, T-Shirt Graphics is also included. We have specialized apparel graphic designers to design graphics. We work on Corel Draw so Most of the Graphic Vectors You will get on Corel Draw Format. that is CDR format. We also give PDF and JPEG for those who want to view it on their system where CorelDraw is not installed.

What is the time associated with the end-2-end process?

Complete End to End Process Goes between 45 days to 65 days Ten days Plus or Minus.

In Case You have any other queries related to the Service of Fashion Studio - Urban Purple and its Associated Garment Manufacturing and Export Unit Kindly get in touch with us through the below contact form. We Love Our Clients and Would love to answer your queries and questions and would also love to take up new assignments/orders related to Apparel Design and Garment Manufacturing and Exports.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Apparel Production Planning - Start From Scratch to Get Perfect Ending

The Importance of Apparel Tech Pack is always being ignored by new and small apparel brands and New Clothing Line. I have many examples of Apparel Lines contacting me after their first sample is produced and came out not up to the expectation and with repetitive co-ordination a. Sometimes people come to us with half or almost last phase of their garment manufacturing process. Below is a Mail which I received a few days back with the following comments from an Apparel Brand. I recently received a desperate message on my contact from for help from one clothing brand from the USA, who is working hard to grow his new clothing company.

"Comment: hello I have clothing company name *********, over the last few years I been having problems with manufacturers messing up my pieces because of lack of detail in tech pack. I stumbled upon your site and I wanted to get in contact with you all asap because I always creating new ideas and need a company that can help illustrate and work on my tech pack. So please contact asap! Thank you!"

Apparel Tech Packs are created to give correct information to Garment Manufacturing Units to Follow and Proceed with Garment Sample Development and Manufacturing. So Brands must provide Apparel Tech Pack Designs to Factories to Follow. However, Most of the Clothing Brands do not follow and Ignore it. They think what difference does this make if they can manage without this. Sometimes this works well and sometimes it does not. When there are issues with the Production The Brand has nothing that he / she can do. The Loss is quite huge if the production goes wrong. So it's better to prevent this situation and take precaution.

An Apparel Tech Pack for a Particular style is just worth 4 T-Shirts Cost. If you are selling on a decent market rate. And you are producing this in quite numbers. Moreover, you can re-use the tech pack if you want to produce the garment again in future. Technical Apparel Designers are Trend professionals who know what is required in a garment and Provide Detailing in the Tech Pack and Spec Sheet with lots of Research. So ignoring this part involves lots of risk in production.

So if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, the time is now. Fill the Contact form today and our consultants would give you all support you need to become the next successful Apparel Brand.