Thursday, October 10, 2013

Concept to Apparel Production

Support from Concept to Prototypes and Production.

It is not always easy to present sample to showcase your creative ideas with investors. But you need to showcase to keep your business running. And for this you must showcase your product ideas to whole sellers, stores and investors. Needless to say developing sample for every creative idea is difficult and costly. Moreover, garment units refuse to develop sample without a firm production order. It becomes difficult for a start-up apparel brand to build their line-sheet. They have limited funds, no investment partners, and quite a few source to develop sample. In this case, the only way to showcase product idea is a line-sheet presentation.  You can showcase to book pre-order for your apparel collection. This you can do by presenting your line-sheet with all necessary details. This way client can relate to your idea and visualize your idea about the collection. Of course, this is not the ideal way to showcase your collection but you can start with it with people you know. To prepare you must take the help of a tech pack designer so that you can prepare for the queries of your clients.

 Clothing Line Sheet Designer

The brands at first require help with creating a professional line sheet and we assist them to design catalog for their marketing presentation also access technical feasibility, cost effectiveness and assessment of customer acceptance. Urban Purple provides end to end solution to clothing companies and Private Clothing lines which require help render technical sheets from concepts, Illustration, tech packs, patterns, material specifications, and estimate for small batch runs. Urban Purple has every expertise to support and assist companies which need a line sheet created for their brand and Interested to create a line sheet for their company. We assist from the scratch starting from concept to the final product from design the line and get tech packs, complete pattern and prototype sample and produce the garment. The prices and turnaround time for a line sheet estimate comes out to be much cheaper as compared to the service from various different companies. So the lead time and cost for a tech pack and apparel production goes down by 30%.

A lot of study research and discussion goes on in order to translate vision to design and then take it further to technical designers and pattern designers with experience creating technical packs and size specs. We prepare tech packs that are visually appealing and convey information in a quick and effective manner as per the creative specifications given by the brand owner or creative designer. We at Urban Purple make sure that the style requirement and the buyer’s expectation is not compromised and the spec pack comes out as per the expectation of the style expected by the creative designer or brand. So to put designs onto spec sheets we urge the client or the creative team in constant touch and confirm their style in every phase while getting the technical specification and drawing done. You need creative and technically sound and experienced technical designer and good teams of pattern and sample developer who can help bring designs to life. Freelancer must be backed by the other expertise to get the spec pack perfect. Apparel brands interested in tech pack design should find the right fashion design studio with facilities like pattern design, fabric testing sample development unit so that they can get the best of the service at one place.

There are many ways clients can communicate their vision. They can always pencil sketch the style and send the picture to us to fine tune the fashion flats or provide inspirational pictures. Our designers are expert in creating fashion flats and tech packs using only pictures of the garment.

Technical designer takes at least 4-6 days to produce manufacturing specifications for a particular style. Usually It takes roughly 4-6 days to get a tech pack done however, the turnaround time for getting line sheets done sometimes goes up depending on the complexity of the garment style and processing involved in the garment. So the brand owner needs to give that buffer time to the designer and also keep this in mind before planning the complete production lifecycle for a apparel line sheet.

For the clients who would like to start-up denim line, we at Urban Purple Fashion Studio has Specialized denim designer to help launch new clothing line. Designing a new line of Denim needs the knowledge of Denim washing technique apart from having the basic technical specifications. We got specialist designer to help finish the line for any particular categories may it be t-shirt graphics, Woven button up, women’s dress and lingerie,Knitted dress and T-Shirts and Apparel CAD Designers specialized in creating tech packs. At urban purple we do not give fashion designer to make designs and patterns all together rather we have expert team which can give specialized service. Our designers and Pattern designers work side by side to get your line sheet and tech sheet prepared.