Feb 18, 2023

Tech Pack Design - Fashion Studio Urban Purple

A Tech Pack Designer is a crucial part of building a successful apparel brand, yet many new brands overlook this point. Don't try to do everything alone when starting your clothing line and wondering where to begin. Business is a team game and you need a team to execute the operation. You'll need a technical clothing designer, coordinators, and an apparel production house to bring your line sheet to life. Everyone should work together as a team to help build your brand's merchandise. Your job is to ensure that all segments are in sync and working together with proper coordination. Finding an integrated unit that offers all of these services can add even more value to your business. Look for a unit with integrated apparel design, tech pack design, and garment manufacturing facilities.

Benefits of an Integrated Clothing Design Studio and Manufacturer

Sourcing an integrated clothing design studio and the manufacturer is always the preferred option, particularly if you're a sourcing clothing designer and garment manufacturer. With integrated services, you can get the support you need to design and produce your brand's merchandise. Unfortunately, there are very few fashion studios and garment units that offer an end-to-end solution. One of the rare ones is Fashion Studio Urban Purple, where we assist customers with apparel design, tech pack design, sample development, and manufacturing. Our integrated fashion unit supports you from concept to customer, helping new brands make the most of their limited investment. When you can get everything in one place, it's easier to achieve your goals.

The Importance of Tech Pack Designs in Garment Manufacturing

At Urban Purple, we help you convert your ideas into factory-ready tech pack designs. Our tech pack designers can take your raw sketches and turn them into structured specifications. You can rest assured that the tech pack designs we create will be easily understood by factories, resulting in better production outcomes. Tech packs play an essential role in the sample development process and the production of garments with perfection. By specifying instructions that clothing manufacturers follow to achieve the desired outcome, tech packs reduce the time and effort needed to produce garments on a mass scale, while keeping costs low. Our tech pack designs include complete garment detailing and a graded measurement spec sheet, which helps garment units execute the production process in a structured way. This results in the development of correct patterns and samples with minimal effort, and also helps in the mass production of garments, which further reduces costs.

Preparing for Tech Pack Design and Clothing Manufacturing

Building an apparel brand is a team effort, requiring the active participation of technical designers and manufacturers in every aspect of brand development. To achieve success, you must communicate your ideas effectively and involve your team in every step of the garment development and manufacturing process. To get started, we need a detailed explanation of your ideas along with some sketches or images. However, before you can receive support on tech pack design and clothing manufacturing, some basic preparation is necessary. Here are some tips that can help you understand the steps to follow before hiring a tech pack designer.

  • · Your ideas and sketches/inspiration images
  • · Your Brand Logo
  • · Base Measurement of any of your competitors or Brands that best fits your segment.

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