Thursday, May 18, 2017

Apparel Technical Package Development Construction Details

Apparel Technical Package Development - Importance in Production Process.

Apparel production without following apparel tech pack design process are more likely to have errors and rejections. But you can't fix them as the destruction is already done. But You can certainly minimize them if you are following the right way of apparel production. Entering into an apparel production is not recommended If you don’t know about how to plan your production. You need to take the help of tech pack designer before you process your garment manufacturing. Clothing manufacturer depends on technical package development to execute apparel production. Preparing the apparel tech pack needs knowledge on entire garment manufacturing process. It needs skills and practical experience in ground level.

When a tech pack designer designs a tech pack he has to gather information from all aspect. The technical designer must consider all aspects of a garment development life cycle. So, the role of the technical designer is quite critical and needs utmost attention. But most of the apparel brands don't want to bear the cost of making a tech pack. There are several components of tech pack and they vary depending on the style detailing. Of course, it depends on style need. The components of tech pack need careful attention based on analysis of client's need.

Technical Fashion Designer standard price rate for freelance tech pack design. This is quite a work and needs practical experience to plan the style for a smooth production run. You need to know how a print, stitching, washing, and finishing unit works from top to bottom. 

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