Sunday, February 1, 2015

Concept to Customer - Apparel Design and Manufacturing Solution

Every apparel brand tries to find out where they can get maximum number of service where they can leverage their time and money so that they can focus on their marketing activities. Specially with the introduction of E-Commerce and mobi-commerce selling has become faster and every apparel brand has now something unique to showcase to stay in the market. So keeping this in mind, time is very important and every retailer / brand owner or apparel line has to come up with new collection of apparel really quick. With this kind of situation it is quite important for apparel brands to distribute and delegate their responsibility and focus on one segment where they are best at. Apparel brands to sustain and grow in the competitive market must focus on marketing and sales that gives them an advantage on others who do everything by themselves.

Apparel Production Packages

Current requirement of an apparel brand is to source for companies who provide integrated services and can offer end to end solution. So, brands must get everything at one roof and do not have several points of contacts to deal with and co-ordinate things put together. The best way to get this is to source clothing manufacturer with tech pack designer. Solution provider who offer  service starting from apparel design, tech packs , pattern development, sampling and  execute small run apparel production.

Secondly, garment manufacturing unit have their minimum order quantity which becomes one of the main constraints for new and fresh apparel brands as they tend to struggle producing smaller quantity. Also, emerging apparel brands also face the problem of multiple vendor management issues as there are many conflicts that raise if you are doing things separately.

Fashion Studio - Urban Purple ( An Integrated Apparel Design and Garment Manufacturing Unit ) offer end-to-end apparel design and production solution from concept-to-customer. clothing line can approach us at any point of time to take their project from there. To do so you just have to fill the contact form and send it to us. Our tech pack designer and consultants will assist you from hear on.