Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Garment Manufacturing - Steps That Leads you to Success

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You can reduce the cost of garment manufacturing up to 20% by following the process. The best way to approach a clothing manufacturer is with a tech pack. You must prepare apparel design and technical specification for styles before approaching manufacturer. Tech pack helps clothing manufacturer process the production in a systematic way. Thereby the apparel production process becomes much easier and efficient. So, garment manufacturer saves time and money that helps to reduce the cost of production.  When you are producing smaller quantity it might reduce almost $1- $2 lesser per piece of garment. This amount goes up and down depending on your order quantity. 

Tech pack for a style is the center of apparel sample development and apparel production. This drives and shows a way to every party involved in apparel production life cycle. This drives the activities of pattern maker, sampling department and production unit. This also includes the supporting vendors like the print unit, embroidery unit and so on. Tech pack also serves as a parameter to access the quality and track the design, measurement fit. Once tech pack is finalized and followed on production floor, pics comes out perfect. 

Here are few reasons why a perfect tech pack results successful apparel production.

Reduced sample alteration process would save money when it comes to all processing that involved in sample development and sample shipping. Normally one sample shipment eats out around $20 – $50. So this way if you have a couple of alterations for each style that you produce you are going to lose not less than $100. Moreover, production may get delayed.

Usually, Manufacturer produces the garments as per his convenience and cost effectiveness if he does not have proper instruction. You may not get what you wanted to achieve in your style. Moreover, production rejection ratio may go up. When you don’t have a Garment Tech Pack you don’t know what goes in the garment. So you will not have any idea of the cost. Garment Manufacturers take the cost of a single piece of thread.

Most importantly, it gives straight and clear instructions to garment manufacturing units to produce the garment in the manner which is mentioned on the tech pack. So it becomes a contract between you and the garment manufacturer. This is a quite useful tool for maximizing your profit and reduces unpleasant surprises. Even professional garment manufacturing units do not entertain clients who want to go ahead with apparel production without proper clothing tech packs.

Minimum Order Quantity has always been an issue for a start-up clothing line. Most garment manufacturers do not show any interest in the apparel production which is below 500 pcs / style. No matter how small the unit is the MOQ always goes beyond 500 PCS. The Reason is even if they keep a margin of $2 - $5 for 50 or hundred pics they hardly make 1 tailors salary. But the complete process of work takes around 7 to 8 days including the sample development and production put together.

The solution for this is when you start your brand keep your designs simple and go with the generic styles. Yet keep your uniqueness in it. If you are not sure, take the help of a technical clothing designer. Also, Shuffle your styles colors with each other and use the same fabric/print/embroidery etc in a maximum number of styles as possible with little variation in colors. This way you can minimize development cost and that ultimately affect your production costing as well. 

If you are still not sure? Write to us in detail about your brand idea and one of our technical clothing designers would get back to us with suggestion and solution. Also if you want to go ahead with Technical Design Service from us Let us know. We can give a quote once we see your styles. You can also avail our garment manufacturing unit for your apparel production provided your order meets the bare minimum order quantity. Please use our Contact form for your queries with your detailed contact details so that we can reach.