Friday, August 29, 2008

Tech Pack Design and Audit - Apparel Pri-Production Process

Tech Pack Review – Apparel Development Services

In the Field of Apparel Design and Techpack Development miner mistakes can create big loss. If the Instruction are given properly in the garment spec sheet outcome would come right and the time and money expenses would come out as per the garment costing and time line of delivery.But if there is any mistake in the tech pack and is being ignored during the Tech Pack Review then the problems mount to a big monitory loss at the time of sample development and production. and Small things can be very dangerous and lead to a lot of expenses if the Tech Packs are not properly reviewed and made sure that everything is finally done in the right way and the specifications in the spec sheet is given rightly. Tech Pack Review is equally important and any technical designer should give his 100% doing so.
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Tech Pack contains many information and instructions which are followed without having any second thought by the factories. For the Factories this is a contract and they follow techpack 100% unless they have some instruction given in between the process of sample development. It is also not advisable to change tech pack once it has gone from the client to factory unless there is a major issue which is related to production feasibility or impossible job given to the factory in the tech pack as an instruction. Usually when the sample is developed the detailing given on the tech packs are followed and based on the tech pack the trims , Prints , embroidery , Tags and labels and other trims are being developed . During this time the final proto is prepared and dies are prepared , print screens are developed , Embroidery cads are prepared and many major parts are being developed for a Garment Sample. This is a costly affaire and the factory soends a lot of money for the development of these things.

Changing those dies, and other cads and other things would cost even double and things can be avoided by doing Tech Pack Review. In Fact this is the responsibility of both brand owner or Linesheet designer and Technical Designer to take utmost concentration and focus on reviewing the Tech Pack and make sure before it goes to the factory, things are perfect to the optimum level.

I can give one example which I have experienced during the development and garment production process. There was a miner change in the website address of one of my client and which had just a high pen with needed to be added to the website which is missed. This looks so small on the surface level but when it comes to the practical field of Sample Development it is quite big and is a costly process to rectify the whole thing all over again.. Similarly if there is a small mistake on garment fit measurement the garment shape comes out to be completely different and at times the whole shipment of the garment gets rejected. So it is important that the Tech Packs are reviewed as many times as possible before it reaches the apparel production unit.

Tech Pack Audit is very essential and inevitable for a new clothing brand since they have limited resources to make their garment label stand and run in the market so those who are doing the New Linesheet and having less experience should go to an well equipped and experienced Technical Designer or a reputed design studio. There are many times the Technical Designers provide many information which are not required by garment units and because of that the units gets confused and make the product wrong. So the information that is required should be given to them and in a clear way so that they should feel comfortable developing the product. Any Changes on the techpcaks can be done easily and with lesser cost but if the garments are produced and produced with the wrong specifications cannot be reverted and would lead to a big loss to the apparel brand.

When Doing Apparel Production Planning and Scheduling things one by one is very important for two reasons. One - this saves time and there by Cost of Production and secondly the the quality of the garments goes up to the next level and there by the rejection rate goes down considerably. Properties of Raw Materials that affect the final product.In this the raw materials are directly related to the final product of the Production order. However there is one important factor is human factor which is equally important and can not be ignored.Garment pre-production activities are planned and executed by people, not computer programs, yet the critical path method ignores this human factor.Apparel Production process is complex and the interesting part is there are certain process which can not be executed by computer and can not fit in to CPM. To be specific the Pre- Production Activities like Tech Pack Designs , Sample Development Garment Pattern Design , Print and embroidery designs etc.

So in order to optimize the Garment Production process at best we can schedule some process in the following way.

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