Monday, June 27, 2011

Quote for Clothing Tech Pack Design

How much does a Tech Pack Cost ?

I’ve been doing apparel tech pack design and apparel production for 12 years now. So far I have seen most of the inquiries that come to me starts with cost first. Sometimes they back off in beginning knowing the complete process. Some of them come to us to know the costing and move on. It's completely ok and keeps happening in the business. Getting correct quote for apparel production need tech pack and order quantity. If you give these two things to a clothing manufacturer you can expect to get a quote right in most of the aspects. You can get the same quote for couple of clothing manufacturer to compare and it would be easier to decide upon. So you need the help of a apparel tech pack designer to prepare your clothing line sheet. Also you must decide budget for order quantity before approaching clothing manufacturer. Below is the statistics that shows the rate for a technical fashion designer in hourly basis.

Quote For Tech Pack
Average Rate for Technical Designers 

“How much to pay for creating apparel tech packs” or “what is it going to cost me to create a line sheet?” are most common question that a new clothing line seeks to find out. Tech pack designers  don't prefer to answer unless they know the style details. They also need to access the time required to complete the task. When client is not sure about the collection it is better not to get in touch with any tech pack designer. Otherwise, you may end up paying more for the research that you never need one. Nothing comes free and i charge what I deserve to get paid. If you ask for the price I must know what the work is before I give a quote. I don't prefer to give a quote unless I know the job and so as every tech pack designer. The average freelance fashion designer rate / hour is between $35 USD to $80 USD. This depends on experience of the freelance technical designer.

I do not know about other technical designers but I always use my price sheet and deal memo which is equal for all and I am not comfortable to work on a compromised price. The point is I love working with those who have courage to say “No, I want you to make money. Charge me the fair amount” and try to give maximum possible efforts to make sure what they get from me will never get from anybody anywhere. Tech Pack Design for a particular takes same efforts whichever reason the client might be. So the question of variable pricing structure does not arise. There are few designers who offer tech sheet in less than $40 USD. They are doing nothing but just bulling you. You will simply end up having a crappy template which is will not only trouble you in production but also result in a massive loss in your production and you will end up getting products that you will not be able to sell in market.

I would love to welcome and work closely with client clothing brands who brings about fair trade and would like to grow and let grow. Please drop me a mail here to get your Price for Tech Sheet Design and Clothing Design. Please fill the form below and our clothing designer would answer your queries within 24 hours time.