Feb 16, 2023

Quote for Clothing Tech Pack Design

Cost of Apparel Tech Packs: Understanding the Process

I have been working in apparel tech pack design and apparel production for 12 years now. In my experience, most inquiries start with the cost first. Some people back off in the beginning, not fully understanding the complete process, while others come to us to know the cost and then move on. This is a normal part of the business. To get the correct quote for apparel production, you need a Tech Pack and order quantity. If you give these two things to a clothing manufacturer, you can expect to get a quote right in most aspects. You can get the same quote from a couple of clothing manufacturers to compare, making it easier to decide upon. So you'll need the help of an apparel tech pack designer to prepare your clothing line sheet. Additionally, you must decide on a budget for the order quantity before approaching the clothing manufacturer. Below is a chart that shows the hourly rate for a technical fashion designer.

Creating Apparel Tech Packs: How to Get Accurate Quotes

Apparel Tech Pack Designer: Hourly Rates and Considerations

When it comes to creating apparel tech packs or line sheets, the most common question that new clothing lines ask is "how much will it cost?" However, tech pack designers cannot give an accurate answer until they know the style details and the time required to complete the task. It is better not to approach a tech pack designer if you are unsure about your collection, as you may end up paying for unnecessary research. Keep in mind that nothing comes for free, and tech pack designers charge what they deserve to get paid. It is standard practice for designers to ask for job details before giving a quote, and the average freelance fashion designer rate per hour is between $35 USD to $80 USD, depending on the designer's experience.

Get a Quote for Tech Sheet Design and Clothing Design

We are dedicated to working closely with clothing brands that value fair trade and strive for mutual growth. If you are looking for a tech pack designer and clothing designer, we would love to collaborate with you. Please contact us via email and we will provide you with a quote for tech sheet design and clothing design. To help us better understand your needs, please fill out the form below. Our clothing designer will respond to your inquiries within 24 hours. If you are looking for tech packs for generic styles feel free to visit our tech pack template store. You will get the most common styles of technical designs with detailed garment specifications.