Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Apparel Technical Specification Template

Tech pack template is the most searched keyword on my blog. This means most apparel brands try to find out if they can get technical specification sheet. But most detailing available on internet for free are either wrong or incomplete. I am  sure if you as an apparel brand establish yourself you will also not offer anything for free. So if you are looking out for short cut stop it there. This will lead you to nowhere. Rather you will end up spending lot more during apparel production process. Moreover, getting a right product is not  a guaranteed. There are few apparel tech pack template stores. But they are not free. Brands spends thousands of dollars for getting the right fit. And if you want the same for free its not going to get. Be real and realize that you ought to spend if you want product that sales. If you have custom style to design as per your design specification then go for a tech pack designer.

Most of the emerging apparel brands try to find out tech pack templates from the internet and using that they try to produce their garments. You should be very sure of what you are going to do and must cross check the tech pack template gives you the right information for your t-shirts. Here what best you can do is to send a mail to the person from whom you are purchasing or getting the tech pack template and making sure that the specs given in template is what you are looking for. Proceeding for apparel production without knowing the right specs might result disaster for you. So for a precaution purpose it is always better to make sure.

We are soon going to launch our tech pack template store which would be quite wide in terms of styling and would cover all the standard measurements of USA, EU and Asian countries body fit. This would also provide you the complete trim detailing garment stitching and construction detailing and other detailing that is most needed to customize your garments. It would omit the detailing which is customer specific like colors, prints and embroideries other than that it would have everything that you need to give the specs to a apparel production unit. stay tuned.