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Do & Don'ts in Tech Pack Design

This post I have written with lots of experience and realizations of product developments and production issues which come due to Tech Pack Design Process and there are number of points to remember while designing a style and Tech Pack Design of the styles. These are quite important not only in Tech Pack Design but even before that while designing a style or Creative Design. A good and matured Technical Designer must have these foresight to make sure the end product comes out well and without much of forthcoming production issues. It saves cost, time and eases the process of Apparel Manufacturing.The Following are some of the things that a Fashion Brand or private label clothing line should notice and avoid during designing their Fashion Line Sheet.

Too Much Embellishment Spoil the Style: If your style has a lots of Embellishment like Embroidery, Prints, Washing, etc it would spoil the style and would end up lots of rejections. More over the styles come out too much edgy which might not attract the end customer and would be a flop.

Style Must Go through Limited Processing: The Style that you design should be simple and cost effective. It should not go through much process which might interrupt a lot of other processing. While doing apparel development or Apparel Production if the number of process is more the apparel might get spoiled due to overlapping of process which might affect each other. So it is important to choose the right apparel development processing for the right apparel.

Creative Designers Must Consult Technical Designers and Product Developers while designing their styles. This is very important because there is always a feasibility issue and without considering it if you are designing a style either it would cost you sky high or you can not complete the development without a lots of errors.

Brand Owners Should not Compromise in any way on Tech Pack Design : Mostly Brand Owners look for Technical Designers who are willing to get the Tech Packs done on low rate or take up the project in order to get the work. Here The Label or Brand owner must understand two things. One - Tech Packs are the foundation of any Collection and any mistake or detailing given without industry consultation or experience can spoil the style or may increase the cost of sampling and production cost considerably. Two: The Time and money consumed in redoing the samples and correcting the error cost a lot more than what the brand owner tries to save during the tech pack design process. Every Business man has the liberty to lower the cost and investment .However, this must be done keeping in view the future cost which ultimately goes from the pocket of the Investor.

Importance of Tech Pack : Any Apparel Factory, that requires technical specifications for a specific product or design needs to prepare a Tech Pack. Details given in the Tech Pack will all vary according to the type of product or design made and the size specs of each company. Large manufacturing companies generally have a detailed Tech Pack for each of the styles under production.

Tech Pack as Contract Agreement of Style : When you create a Tech Pack for your design your Tech Pack becomes a de facto contract between you and your manufacturer. When manufacturing overseas many times you will find that contractors not always follow the sew by sample you submitted to them for the making of your design because they decided to switch materials or put the wrong trim on the first fit sample they submitted to you. A Tech Pack should include actual detailing of everything - fabric, buttons, ribbons, etc - plus an actual sample. A complete Tech Pack gives you support in case of problems.

Last Minute Changes : You should make sure about your style and its composition of Trims , Fabrics Style Detailing and other miner detailing and then proceed with the Spec Sheet Design. The more you change the more complicated it would be and changing the complete Tech Sheet is always a cumbersome process and any thing that missed out can create a lot of issues in Sample Development and Apparel Production. So unless and until you are sure of your style do not give your confirmation to proceed for the Tech Sheet Design and Proceed for Sampling or Garment Production.

Companies that do exports and manufacture their designs overseas, preparation of a Tech Pack is imperative, as most buyers prefer to sign on the Tech Pack before placing the order.

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