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Freelance Fashion Designer - Tech Pack Designer ( Role )

Garment Production Tech Pack - Role of a Tech Pack Designer

The role of a tech pack designer is critical when it comes to transferring an idea to a factory ready tech pack. Tech pack designer design complete process flow from sketches to a wearable garment sample. So when starting a clothing line, it is imperative to hire a tech pack designer for support. In short, they can shape your idea by converting your sketch to a garment. Tech pack designers simplify style technicalities to make sample development and production easier. You get them in the form of an apparel tech pack which any factory in the world can follow it and produce your garment. And then the process moves forward to sample development and apparel production.

1. Assessment of the Fashion Illustration :

The first firefight is to assess the illustration whether the style or the illustration is feasible or not is the first hurdle for a Tech pack or technical designer. There are times many technical issues which are visible on the illustration level which a Creative designer tend to overlook it. The First Job of fashion technical designer is to access whether the design or the illustration is feasible to proceed further.

2. Production Friendly Design:
One of the tough challenge for a technical designer is to assess  the feasibility of a style idea. Accessing the possibility of mass production is important. This results in the success or failure of the clients idea. Failing this would to the failure of the collection sale and you end up loosing money in the whole process.

3. Choosing the Right Fabric and Color Keeping in Mind the Season
Many people ask for "designs and sketches for current European trend" or Designs for the US Plus Size Garments etc.Here the Technical Fashion Designer needs to do a lot of studies and gather a lot of information about the Fabric.So he must have the idea of grading & fabric shrinkage what fabrics goes on what kind of styles, GSM ( Grams per Meter ), weaving techniques etc. Also, the fabric availability or fabric development possibility for the style are some of the questions which Tech Pack designer keep in mind while proceeding the Tech Pack  Development.

4. Drawing the Flats and Getting the Flats Approval
At the Operational Stage, the First hurdle that comes to any technical designer is to draw the technical flats from the Illustrations given by the creative designer / buyer and get the approval . Usually, the illustration and technical sketch drawings are two different part of the design. The illustration gives the overall and one side view of any garment style where the flat sketch gives a 360-degree view of the whole garment. These Gaps are then filled by communication and coordination.

5. Technical Drawing / Tech Pack Design
Once the technical flats are approved and finalized the next step for the Tech Pack Designer is to prepare the Tech Pack and Measurement spec sheet.Technical Designer must understand sewing construction and translate into the tech packs.Preparation and review of tech packs for complete and accurate information of the Garment are Vital. Tech Pack is prepared to phase wise which usually consists of some 8 to 9 steps depending on the Garment Detailing and Specification given by Creative Designer or Client who has done Garment Style / Garment Illustration. Click the link to know more about The Steps in Tech Pack Design.

6. Technical Audit and Quality Assurance
Once the Tech Packs are Released to the Factories and The Sample Development Process goes on the next and most important step for a Tech Pack Designer is to make sure the sample production goes as per the specifications are given on the Spec Pack. Ideally, The Samples should or Must not go to the Final Approval before it is being passed by the Technical Designer or Tech Pack Designer.The Sample Audit process goes through several stages which cover from Fabric , Trims , S.P.I  ( Stitching per Inch) or S.P.C Stitch per Centimeter ), Print Detailing and print quality, Embroidery detailing, Washing, and so on. The initial Technical Audit and Quality Assurance for the Sample Development are done by the Technical Designer.

The Role of the Tech Pack Designer take a pose here till the Sample Production is done and then once the samples are produced it first comes to the Technical Designer for quality assessment and also Sample Approval. Here the Technical Designer has to make sure the sample produced are as per the Tech Pack or Technical Spec Sheet is given to the Factory or Sample Maker.

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