Friday, July 8, 2011

Apparel Line Sheet Production Planning

Get Rid of Your Clothing Production Problem Once and For All

Have you ever felt like collapsing by responding endless queries from apparel producer? Still not got right product . In Fashion Studio and Apparel Production Unit I meet numerous visitors interested in building designer clothing line but with now way forward. There is a lot of difference in making a T-Shirt and building a clothing brand. Most of the inquiry turns down by hearing the cost, timeline and efforts involved in Making the Apparel Brand. Some Clients goes to different Clothing Designers and then again come back to me asking for the right advise and assistance in making their venture successful. This is a daily job for me to answer mails to those aspirants who want to start their clothing line and build their e-commerce online store. Being a Technical Clothing Designer I feel like it is better to give them the right advise to people who query for making their clothing brand and they should be aware of the complete life cycle and the cost, time and efforts involved in it. This would filter-out those who are serious and know what they are doing. 

Plan your Budget Long Before You Start a Clothing Line :

Your Clothing Line need spending on clothing design, tech packs apparel production, marketing and promotion. Those cost are high and require proper planning. An expert technical clothing designer help would be handy and can guide you through the process. You should also focus on your marketing and promotion to get your clothing line off the ground. You can optimize your budget by hiring an apparel production unit providing end to end solution. You should allocate your funds for each style. Also plan your raw materiel for multiple usage. This is possible if you have experienced tech pack designer and efficient apparel production units working for you. 

Clothing Designs by Urban Purple

Why Choose Fashion Studio Urban Purple ? Find out

1. Urban Purple is a Fashion Studio and Garment Manufacturing Unit. This would be handy as every production is monitored in each stage.
2. Urban Purple is 100% Export Oriented Apparel Production Unit. You do not need any middle man in between to get your production done.
3. We Provide 24/7 support . You can get in touch with any of our representative for your queries anytime. This helps in Co-ordination and faster work.
4. There are specialist clothing designer for every segment of garment styles.