Feb 15, 2023

Bills of Materials: Essential for Apparel Cost Estimation

Every apparel brand wants to determine the typical cost per unit of manufacturing clothing before beginning the design process. However, it can be difficult to get an accurate cost of production just from a sketch. This is where Bills of Materials come in handy. A Bills of Material (BOM) is a comprehensive list of raw materials and components needed to produce the final product. It outlines what to purchase, how to purchase it, and from where, and includes step-by-step instructions for processing the product.

Investing in a new apparel brand can be challenging for startups, making it important for them to have a clear understanding of the costs involved, from design to production. Proper planning is crucial before starting production, and a sketch alone won't provide the cost of a garment. To have a clear understanding of the collection design, a tech pack must be created. This will give information about the materials and processes used for each style. With the tech pack in hand, a list of materials can be prepared in the form of a Bills of Materials (BOM) to obtain an accurate cost estimate. Therefore, tech packs are crucial for determining the cost of a collection.

Designing and producing garments is not a charitable endeavor; you aim to make a profit from each sale. While you may be more focused on creativity during the design process, it's important to keep costs in mind. Major apparel brands often approach collection planning through reverse engineering, deciding on a target price and working backward to determine the cost. Newer brands may encounter challenges when they discover that the cost of producing their designs is higher than expected. If you have a creative vision but limited experience in the industry, it's advisable to seek guidance from a tech pack designer. With proper planning and guidance, you can turn your creative instincts and business acumen into a successful venture.

Cost-Effective Apparel Production with Tech Pack Guidance

Including a Bills of Materials (BOM) along with the tech pack is essential for a technical clothing designer. The BOM provides the buyer with a comprehensive list of materials required to develop a sample and produce the garment. This allows the buyer to plan their budget for apparel production, making sample development and production much more efficient. By including a BOM, the technical clothing designer can help ensure a smooth and organized process for the buyer.

Efficient Collection Planning with Bills of Materials

When designing and producing a garment, you have a goal of achieving commercial value by selling it and making a profit. Keeping a close eye on your budget is crucial to ensure that your collection design and production are cost-effective. A Bills of Materials (BOM) can help you manage your collection and streamline the design and production process. If you have creative ambitions but limited experience in the industry, seeking guidance from a tech pack designer and industry experts is recommended. With proper planning and guidance, you can turn your creative vision and business acumen into a successful venture. The investment made in the initial stage will ultimately lead to better results.

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