Friday, July 7, 2017

Tech Pack Design - Fashion Studio Urban Purple

Easy Way to Start your Clothing Line

A Tech Pack Designer forms the foundation for a growing apparel brand. But most often the point often overlooked by brands starting new. Stop trying to do everything alone when starting your clothing line and wondering where to begin? Business is always a team game and you need a team to execute the operation. You need technical clothing designer, coordinators, apparel production house to execute your line sheet. Everyone should work as a team to help build your brand merchandise. So your job is to make sure all the segment sync and work together with proper coordination. Finding an integrated unit that offers all service can add value to your business even better. A unit with integrated apparel design, tech pack design and garment manufacturing facility.

By all means sourcing, an integrated clothing designer and manufacturer is always preferable. Especially, when you are a sourcing clothing designer and garment manufacturer. You may take the support to design and produce your merchandise of your brand. There are very few fashion studio and garment units with an end to end solution. One of them is Fashion Studio Urban Purple. We assist customers in apparel design, tech pack design, sample development, and manufacturing. We operate in an integrated fashion unit that supports you from concept to customer. So, brands starting new need to make the most out of it from their limited investment. This is only possible when you get everything at one place.

Tech Pack Designer

We at Urban Purple support you in converting your ideas to factory ready tech pack design. Our tech pack designer understands your raw sketches and converts them in structured specs. Be rest assured on tech pack design that factories interpret and execute production. Tech Packs help to develop your sample and produce garments with perfection. Tech pack specifies instructions clothing manufacturer follows to achieve the desired outcome. This reduces time and efforts to produce garments in mass with less cost to a large extent. Tech pack design has complete garment detailing and graded measurement spec sheet. It helps garment units to execute production process in a structured way. This helps develop a correct pattern and sample with a reduced effort. It also helps in mass production with reducing the cost to a large extent.
 Clothing Manufacturer
Building apparel brand is a team effort. You need close associates in every aspect of your brand development. Every factor in garment development and manufacturing is vital. So active participation of technical designer, manufacturer are as important as yours. Your support on communicating your idea is much needed. To get started we need your idea explained to us in detail and with some sketches or images. Before you seen support on tech pack design and clothing manufacturing you need some basic preparation. Here are some of the tips that help understand steps to follow before hiring tech pack designer.

· Your ideas and sketches/inspiration images
· Your Brand Logo
· Base Measurement of any of your competitors or Brands that best fits for your segment.
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tech pack template

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tech Pack Design - 5 Reasons Why Tech Packs are Important

Importance of Preparing Tech Pack Before Apparel Production

Tech pack for a style is the center of apparel sample development and apparel production. This drives and shows the way to every party involved in apparel production life cycle. This drives the activities of pattern maker, sampling department and production unit. This also includes the supporting vendors like the print unit, embroidery unit and so on. Tech pack also serves as a parameter to access the quality and track the design, measurement fit. Once tech pack is finalized and followed on the production floor, pics comes out perfect. Tech pack designer  must deliver tech pack before buyer invest money into manufacturing.

Here are few pointers how a perfect tech pack helps successful apparel production.

1. Smooth and Error Free Sample Development

Brands forced to do experiment with the style when doing sampling. This is particularly when they don't know what to do to achieve perfection. This is adds expense and kills a lot of time.  But when you have the tech pack it gives a direction to pattern maker and factory. It saves a lot of time and money and helps in achieving the sample close to the expectation. Tech pack give pattern maker and factory a guidance to make the first sample as close as possible. With tech pack and a capable vendor you can optimize sampling process.

2. Document of Understanding between Buyer and Clothing Manufacturer.

Tech Pack is not only considered as a set of instruction but also a document of understanding. A document of understanding  between buyer and manufacturer. It serves as a technical document for the manufacturer. Both buyer and vendor agreed upon all technical aspects mentioned on the tech pack. Those technical aspects are raw materials, construction details and points of measurement. Clothing manufacturers may alter materials and trims to reduce cost. They try to use the substandard materials to save some money. But when you have the tech pack,you can avoid those conflicts with minimal effort.

3. Quality Assurance and Control

You can refer tech pack with your sample to figure out the gap between the expectation and actual sample. Also, you can check whether there is any scope of improvement in the sample. You can also do necessary change in the sample if that does not meet the standard or not as instructed in the tech pack. So, here you can use your tech pack as a parameter based on which you can access the quality of your sample. With your approval, you can process your final order. You can use as a tool to prove the agreed standard especially when you are working with an overseas vendor. So tech packs can be used as a tool to access your quality standard.

4. Most Effective Way of Communication

Tech Pack is the most appropriate and proven method to communicate with manufacturer. The manufacturer can refer to this document at any stage of garment development. Anyone at any point has a question, first place to refer for an answer is the tech pack. It's the most efficient way to find answer doubt instead of searching long email thread. Reduce doubts and give one point reference to clothing manufacturer. So, you can avoid a lot of money in preparing wrong sample development, logistic cost and time by using tech pack. If anything goes wrong in sample development, you can refer tech pack to identify the gap and revise.

5. Help you get Accurate Quote for Sample Development and Production.

Bills of Material in a tech pack makes it clear to the manufacturer what materials to source. So, based on the production quantity they can give you an accurate cost of production. Needless to say, clothing manufacturer offers an accurate quote when you show a tech pack.

You can reduce the cost of garment manufacturing up to 20% by following the process. The best way to approach a clothing manufacturer is with a tech pack. You must prepare apparel design and technical specification for styles before approaching manufacturer. Tech pack helps clothing manufacturer process the production in a systematic way. Thereby the apparel production process becomes much easier and efficient. So, garment manufacturer saves time and money that helps to reduce the cost of production. When you are producing smaller quantity it might reduce almost $1- $2 lesser per piece of garment. This amount goes up and down depending on your order quantity.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Apparel Technical Package Development Construction Details

Apparel Technical Package Development - Importance in Production Process.

Apparel production without following apparel tech pack design process are more likely to have errors and rejections. But you can't fix them as the destruction is already done. But You can certainly minimize them if you are following the right way of apparel production. Entering into an apparel production is not recommended If you don’t know about how to plan your production. You need to take the help of tech pack designer before you process your garment manufacturing. Clothing manufacturer depends on technical package development to execute apparel production. Preparing the apparel tech pack needs knowledge on entire garment manufacturing process. It needs skills and practical experience in ground level.

When a tech pack designer designs a tech pack he has to gather information from all aspect. The technical designer must consider all aspects of a garment development life cycle. So, the role of the technical designer is quite critical and needs utmost attention. But most of the apparel brands don't want to bear the cost of making a tech pack. There are several components of tech pack and they vary depending on the style detailing. Of course, it depends on style need. The components of tech pack need careful attention based on analysis of client's need.

Technical Fashion Designer standard price rate for freelance tech pack design. This is quite a work and needs practical experience to plan the style for a smooth production run. You need to know how a print, stitching, washing, and finishing unit works from top to bottom. 

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to Plan Before Starting Apparel Brand

Planning Before Starting Apparel Brand

The first mantra of starting an apparel brand is to figure out your customer taste in your area. There’s no point developing a product that no one wants. So just like any business, you have to be customer focused. Moreover, keep in mind customers taste changes slow no matter how they project themselves. So if you are thinking that your customers will not buy if you make some conventional styles its wrong. Thinking out of the box is great. But when it comes to catering a mass it is always better to make a conservative choice.

How to communicate your vision of your style to technical clothing designer?

Most often client find it difficult to express their ideas of styles. Putting them on paper with sketch with proper explanation is important. This is necessary for every client to convey the technical designer. But with a little effort, you can do this task. You may follow the steps to convey your style ideas to a tech pack designer. You should also do some research to figure out the market trend. You may also go through the styles of other brands eCommerce web stores. I am not saying you get exact but definitely, it will take close to your vision. Now the next step is to comment the gaps in points. You can comment the detailing that you want with your style and put them in a paper. This will give you a close vision of what you want from that particular style. Now you can communicate this to a technical designer.

Avoid giving subjective iterations in your comment while explaining the technical clothing designer. For example: "cool color" means nothing. What is "cool" for you might not be so cool for the technical clothing designer. There is always a difference in the perception between client and clothing designer.

Constant Change in Design Idea and How it Affect Tech Pack Design & Production

Brands often ask tech pack designer how many times they can change the designs. The reason is the ideas they have when it comes to real picture it does not look as expected. That is why brands keep asking for change, again and again, to come up with their expectation. This often creates a big problem for the technical designer. Because when you change the design idea the whole process of tech packs changes. The technical designer has to make the tech pack all over again. Often apparel brands come up with their own idea to us and that keeps changing over a period of time. Clothing designer took out their most time and effort to come up with the ideas as per client's need. Due to this the motivation to work on that project goes down and the styles do not come out as expected. Satisfaction level of both client and the clothing designer keeps going down.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cost Involved in Building a Clothing Brand

You will agree with me when I say clothing business is lucrative and sustainable. But it is also getting competitive over the time as everyday there is a new player entering the market. So focusing on your point of sale is the key to your success. To get the success you need support right from the beginning. If you are new to this field and have little knowledge about the process then find right person who can support. My suggestion is to hire a consultant or tech pack designer who can take you through the whole process. A freelance fashion designer with industry experience may support you. You may also contract fashion studio with in house clothing manufacturing unit. There is nothing that can stop you if you have a unit where you get everything at one place. One of them is fashion studio Urban Purple.  So we have tried to incorporate every service that a brand needs and put them under one roof.

You must be wondering what it takes to bring a clothing brand to live. There are several steps where you have to invest money and time. To make things clear we have try to explain in brief the cost that goes in building a clothing brand.

Costs Involved in Building a Clothing Brand. 

  • Designing and tech pack development cost
  • Pattern design 
  • Sample development 
  • Raw material sourcing and purchasing 
  • Business registration and licensing
  • Sample shipment and Currier charges
  • Clothing manufacturing
  • Shipping
  • Customs duty for import export
  • Product photography modeling 
  • Marketing website development :  $ 2000 USD
  • Warehouse storage overhead : N/A
  • Product launching celebrity endorsement 
  • Product distribution and channel management
  • Insurance

It is up to you how you are going to start your brand. At Urban Purple we can support you optimize your cost of apparel design, and production. Go through our apparel production packages for emerging brands custom designed to support new and emerging apparel brands. We help you incubate, and grow your business in long run. The purpose of coming up with package like this is to make our customers feel comfortable and assured of a straight forward deal. If you are serious enough and look forward to start your apparel brand with us then get in touch with our tech pack designer and consultant. Just fill the contact form and send and our representative will be in touch with you.