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Tech Pack Design - Importance in Apparel Production

Technical Spec Packs for Fashion Production

Starting a fashion business takes endless dedication and you need to stay focused. Also if you start with a right frame of mind and follow the process that goes into it, success rate increases. One of the most initial steps is tech pack design of your style ideas. Tech Pack Design Process that converts the raw idea to factory producible blueprint. This is an important step that goes into garment development cycle and you should not avoid this.  This is the first step post design and its use starts right from there. Almost every department in fashion industry needs a tech pack to proceed further. Pattern maker needs tech pack and spec sheet to prepare pattern and grading. Print unit needs the vectors and prepare print screen and mix colors. Same applies to embroidery unit and washing unit as well.

Tech Pack also helps in production planning and execution. During production planning, it gives the critical path that optimizes the production execution. It helps in costing, batch schedule, machine setting and so on. Tech Pack Design includes bills of material. Bills of Material otherwise known as BOM are a part of tech pack. Brands use bills of material to calculate the estimated cost and prepare the budget. So if you have the bills of material you will have some idea about the cost that goes into an apparel production.

Denim Tech-Pack Designerput designs onto spec sheets?
If you are already in the apparel business or aspiring to start a clothing line you must have your basics right. Once you have your tech packs are ready then move for sample development and production. For startup brands, it may be bit complicated but this saves a lot of time and money. So to help you with your venture our clothing designer would give every support you want. We at fashion studio urban purple help you build your apparel brand with an optimized cost. If you are in this business or aspiring to become an apparel brand, those guidelines are quite vital. And understanding the importance of each step is very crucial.

Most apparel brands try to take the shortcut. Instead of the following process, they send some image to clothing manufacturer. They expect that the vendor gives them the perfect sample to them. But in reality, it does not happen that way. No matter what there would be a gap and it needs the effort to get the sample. This is the result of working on trial and error basis. It not only takes more time but also increases the time and cost many times. Tech pack is the solution of all the above issue. So it is wise to start with tech pack design rather doing a random experiment. Moreover, no clothing manufacturer is ready for sample development without a tech pack.

Workers in clothing manufacturing unit are familiar with a particular set of instruction. So if the details are not in proper format they either get stuck or do things wrong. So for precaution, you should make sure production unit gets the right instruction. You need technical clothing designer to support you in tech pack design. Also, help you in coordinating with apparel production units if they have any doubts. In nutshell technical designer breeze the gap between you and production unit. And assist you in getting the right quality sample and execute smooth production.

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