Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to Plan Before Starting Apparel Brand

Planning Before Starting Apparel Brand

The first mantra of starting an apparel brand is to figure out your customer taste in your area. There’s no point developing a product that no one wants. So just like any business, you have to be customer focused. Moreover, keep in mind customers taste changes slow no matter how they project themselves. So if you are thinking that your customers will not buy if you make some conventional styles its wrong. Thinking out of the box is great. But when it comes to catering a mass it is always better to make a conservative choice.

How to communicate your vision of your style to technical clothing designer?

Most often client find it difficult to express their ideas of styles. Putting them on paper with sketch with proper explanation is important. This is necessary for every client to convey the technical designer. But with a little effort, you can do this task. You may follow the steps to convey your style ideas to a tech pack designer. You should also do some research to figure out the market trend. You may also go through the styles of other brands eCommerce web stores. I am not saying you get exact but definitely, it will take close to your vision. Now the next step is to comment the gaps in points. You can comment the detailing that you want with your style and put them in a paper. This will give you a close vision of what you want from that particular style. Now you can communicate this to a technical designer.

Avoid giving subjective iterations in your comment while explaining the technical clothing designer. For example: "cool color" means nothing. What is "cool" for you might not be so cool for the technical clothing designer. There is always a difference in the perception between client and clothing designer.

Constant Change in Design Idea and How it Affect Tech Pack Design & Production

Brands often ask tech pack designer how many times they can change the designs. The reason is the ideas they have when it comes to real picture it does not look as expected. That is why brands keep asking for change, again and again, to come up with their expectation. This often creates a big problem for the technical designer. Because when you change the design idea the whole process of tech packs changes. The technical designer has to make the tech pack all over again. Often apparel brands come up with their own idea to us and that keeps changing over a period of time. Clothing designer took out their most time and effort to come up with the ideas as per client's need. Due to this the motivation to work on that project goes down and the styles do not come out as expected. Satisfaction level of both client and the clothing designer keeps going down.

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