Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to Build Successful Apparel Brand The 6 - P Factor

Are you the kind of person who knows that they are going to be a success?

Building a successful fashion brand is fun at the same time brings a lot of challenge. In fact, every business needs some focus and direction that drives its own pace for growth. The most common aspect of a growing fashion brand is the 6P factors. Those are Product, price, Place, people, promotion, and process. Any business that masters on the above factors are bound to build a successful brand name. Especially when you are building an apparel brand, you cannot ignore those factors. More than half of the brands starting new fail to recognize the above factors. This leaves an open playing field for confident people willing to take future in their own hands. So let's discuss the factors that affect the growth of brand building.

Product: Brand image depends on the value for money you are offering to your customers. Your products and its quality contribute to a large extent to your brand identity. The business of fashion is fast changing.  To keep pace with changing fashion trend brands have to come up with fresh collection on a regular basis. To come up with new product ideas a team of clothing designer makes all the difference. You can build a firm base by hiring a clothing designer with grassroots level experience. An ideal person is who has worked in a factory environment.

Price: Of course price is one of the dominating factors affecting buying decision. Customers are less impulsive to focused when taking a purchasing decision. Especially, when customers are purchasing lifestyle products like clothing and accessories. They see other factors like brand reputation, product quality, the latest fashion trend. The price of a product has a direct connection with the cost of a particular product. So to keep the price in control you need to focus on the cost of the production as well. Clothing designer considering price in planning a collection, offer great potential to success.  This is possible when you plan your product from the beginning and tech pack design is the first step.

Place: Positioning an apparel brand with right place and time is key to its success. Choosing the right place and time to start clothing brand has a lot of importance on the success of the brand. Especially when starting a brand with physical store location matters a lot. Every city and locality have a location that attracts different types of customers. And your brand value depends on the location you put your store. Moreover, brand retail stores also function as customer service for online sale. This is a huge boost for the profit of your apparel brand.

Promotion:  Promotion and marketing is an inevitable part of brand building. This needs careful research and brand positioning that brings customers to your doorstep. You must reach to your customer till they come back to you. Moreover, customers are agile and need constant buzz. So keep up your sales intact you need constant touch base with your active customers.

People: Building a business is a team work and your team means an association of eligible and skilled people to help you build your business. When you deal with two different types of people vendors and customers and both are equally important.

Process: Every business operation has its own process of operating and in the fashion industry has its own way of the process as well. In the fashion industry, the process of operation can be broadly categorized into three different parts.

If we were to delight your customers to stick to your brand, what would be your priority? Look and feel, fits, brand awareness or personal touch with your customers? To be honest you need all the above to build your apparel brand to next level. You need an expert tech pack designer to help you build the collection line sheet. 

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