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Steps in Tech Pack Design

Tech Pack Design Steps and Procedure

Designers and clothing brand wonder why they need tech pack and spec sheet. Why tech pack and spec sheet are so important in clothing manufacturing. The post gives a clear picture of steps involved in clothing tech pack design. This is not only important for a tech pack designer but also for brands. Fashion tech packs serve many ways for an apparel brand. It can save a lot of money for a brand producing their clothing line. it acts as a de-facto contract between client and clothing manufacturer in apparel production.

The basic purpose of a tech pack is to clarify the style need for a particular garment. It defines set of instruction for clothing manufacturer to produce garment. The production process involves several steps from pattern design to finishing. Every step has its importance and needs proper instruction from tech pack designer. Clarity in instruction is important as it affects sample development and production. Every tech pack has its unique component based on the style need. The following points will show how to make a spec sheet for garments.  

What Dose the Tech Pack include?

1. Fashion Flat – Flat sketch is otherwise known as flat sketch, is the front, back view of the garment. Tech pack designer should showcase every detail of the garment in fashion flat. Fashion flat also forms the base for the tech pack design. So it needs to be cross checked the time and again by both tech pack designer and client.

2. Color Combo: Garment styles are not complete until there are color options given to a style. Clients do ask for color variations for every style they design. Also, this helps brand give variations to the style. So, tech pack designer should offer 2-3 color options for every style.

3. Fabric Details: Fabric detailing is the most important part in any garment tech pack. The fabric details contain its yarn count, weight, GSM, and composition. Garment manufacturer needs this information to estimate fabric consumption for production. This also determines the optimized quantity required on certain price rate.

4. Stitching and Construction Details: Stitching and construction details show how a clothing manufacturer should stitch the garment. It shows the construction process. So a tech pack designer with factory experience can give the right stitching details. So, stitching and construction details is a must in a tech pack.

5. Graphic and Print Details: Graphics and print play a major role in the embellishment of the garment.  Without this, any garment styling is not complete. When there is prints and graphics detailing and its placement on the style are important. The instruction of print techniques, color, size and placement of print are necessary. So, a tech pack designer must mention those details in the tech pack. We will discuss complete print and graphic detailing in a separate post in detail.

T-Shirt Graphic Design and Production

graphic designs on tshirts

6. Graphic or Print Placement Details:  - This is also a very important part of the Tech Pack Designing. Designing a print is not enough. The print position, to print on garment or panel are important decisions. Only the technical designer can help deciding those details. Remember a good print placed in wrong place of the garment makes the style a disaster. So, detailing must include measurements and its exact position from a certain point.

7. Embroidery Details: Embroidery has been the trend for every high-end fashion. Any style with embroidery design needs detail instruction. In this details should be on the type of embroidery, number of stitches, color of the thread and so on.  The embroidery is always counted in the number of stitches done for a particular design. There are various embroidery details like puff embroidery, cifley, plain lock stitch. So, tech pack designer must mention the type of embroidery on tech pack to follow.

8. Trims Detail: Materials other than fabric that goes in a garment style is trims. This includes buttons, zippers, clips hooks and so on. Every garment style has different trims that go with the style. So, it needs complete detailing for sourcing and usage in the garment. The technical designer must mention the details of those trims along with its specification. For Example in a Shirt the size of the button to use, or in bottom what is the zipper length. These details is a must in a tech pack for the style to come right.

9. Branding Details: Every style that technical designer designs usually it is for a brand. So, it reflects some signs or detailing. labels, hang tags, loop labels, size labels etc are the part of the brand. Although these are not part of tech pack design, but where to attach them or stitch the labels are part of a tech pack. Most important branding trim is care labels. This is a set of instruction about how to handle the garment.

10. Washing Details: Every garment has its specific processing apart from stitching. For example, some needs washing for shrinkage reduction, shining and softening the fabric. This improves the look and feel of the garment. So this is a part of the development of sample and mass production. So, the washing instructions are important to mention in the garment tech pack.

11. Measurement Details and Size Chart: This is the most important part of a garment tech pack. Fits and measurements of a garment. Without this, the complete style and production are not possible. Also with wrong size chart, the fits of the garment do not come out right. So, tech pack designer must prepare the measurement spec sheet with utmost care. Also, it must be cross-checked by the pattern maker. Finally, during sample development, it must be cross-checked again for any alteration. Tech Pack designer prepares size gradation after a cross check from the above stage. 

12. Measurement Guideline: Measurement spec sheet must also have a measurement guideline. This shows how you should take the measurement when you prepare the spec sheet. The measurement guideline must mark start point and end point to measure.
13. Bills of Materials ( BOM ): The last step in the tech pack design process is preparing the bills of materials. Bills of material  BOM is the checklist of all items that goes in the garment style. This helps to process the cost of production. you can get more information about bills of material.

You can add value to apparel production with optimizing cost and increasing efficiency.  It is also dependent on the value that the design and tech pack will bring to the client's brand.

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