Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fashion Branding Logo Design and Care Instruction

Its quite common that We usually give less importance to the Garment labels and care Instructions while picking up any garments. However, while we shop quality garment from a reputed show room You can mark that the care instructions are quite clear and are given due importance.Those consumers who are fashion conscious and give importance to the quality of the garments give utmost importance and see the care labels and instructions while buying the garments and tend to pick those cloths which are having clear instructions and quality branding. The Garment Branding and labeling has two aspects . Firstly,  It is a part of Garment Branding and Marketing . Secondly Compliance as per the country. So it is important that Garment Exporters should know what are the branding and care instructions to follow and double check with the Brands and Labels or Garment Buyers while doing Apparel Production.

Get Trims Designed for Fashion Branding

For a Brand to be successful Branding and Labeling is quite important. Not only for Marketing purpose but also there are many compliance issues which needs to be specified while doing the Labels and Specifiers of a particular brand.The labeling and Care Instructions are one of the important factors which drive the quality and reputation of a Garment Brand.Also there are many instructions and specifiers which are needed to be put and are mandatory in certain countries for Custom Requirement. This is the responsibility of the Brand and the Manufacturer to specify those instructions while producing the garment.