Feb 17, 2023

Precise Measurement Detailing in Lingerie Tech Pack Design

Lingerie and intimate wear require a high level of precision in both measurement and detailing. Technical drawings and specifications play a vital role in the design and production process of lingerie. The measurement spec sheet includes information such as the band size and cup size, as well as the center front, side, and back seam measurements, and the strap placement. In addition to the measurement detailing, the stitching detail is also critical. Lingerie requires intricate stitching and detailing to ensure proper fit, comfort, and support. The stitching detail should specify the type of stitch, thread, and seam allowance to be used, as well as the placement of elastic, straps, and closures.

Lingerie is a type of clothing that must fit the body perfectly to be comfortable and functional. In order to achieve the right fit, precise measurements are needed, with the band size and cup size being the most important. The band size is measured around the ribcage just under the bust, while the cup size is determined by subtracting the band size from the fullest part of the bust. Accurate measurements are crucial to ensure the wearer is comfortable and confident. A tech pack designer with expertise in lingerie design can create detailed tech packs that include all the necessary information for the production team. This ensures that the final product meets the designer's specifications and is of the highest quality.

Two Important Aspects of Designing and Preparing Tech Pack of Lingerie

Bra Band Size:

The band size is a crucial measurement for a well-fitted bra, as it provides the majority of the support. A bra with a band that is too loose will ride up in the back, causing the bust to sag, while a band that is too tight will be uncomfortable and can cause bulging. It's important to get the band size right to ensure the bra fits well and provides the necessary support. The bra band size is an important measurement in determining the fit of a bra. It should be snug, but not too tight, and should sit horizontally around the body, without riding up at the back. A well-fitted bra band will provide the necessary support for the bust and prevent discomfort or pain.

Bra Cup Size:

Bra cup size refers to the volume of the breast that the bra cup will cover. It is usually indicated by a letter, such as A, B, C, D, etc. Cup size is determined by the difference between the band measurement and the fullest part of the bust. For example, if the band measurement is 34 inches and the fullest part of the bust is 38 inches, the difference is 4 inches, which corresponds to a cup size of D. It's important to note that cup size is relative to band size. For example, a 34B cup has a smaller volume than a 36B cup, even though they share the same letter. This is because the band size affects the measurement of the cup. When you increase the band size, you also increase the cup volume. Therefore, it's important to get both the band size and cup size right in order to achieve a well-fitted bra.

The sizing and fit details in lingerie design are extremely important, and even a small discrepancy can result in a poorly fitting garment. This is why it's important to have an experienced technical pack designer who understands the unique requirements of a lingerie design and can ensure that the measurements and specifications are accurate and precise. It's also important to allow enough time for testing and fitting to ensure that the final product meets the desired quality and fit standards.

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