Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tech Pack Design - Lingerie and Beach Wear

Fashion studio - urban purple has expert clothing designer specialized in lingerie and beach wear. We are one of the leading clothing design companies design beach wear and lingerie for 6 years. Get your intimate wear line designed from our specialized lingerie tech pack designer and send those tech sheets to factory overseas for production. World leading intimate wear brands associated with fashion studio - urban purple.

For apparel brand is seeking a talented men's or women's  lingerie designer to join their team or get associated as a freelance clothing designer must look for organized and fast-moving professional with excellent communication skills in this dynamic role. It is important that the technical designer must know how to prepare production tech packs and spec sheets for lingerie. It is important to understand the need to create, modify and refine designs to fit customer needs, price points, and margins specifically for lingerie. Unlike any other style design and tech sheet the margin of error or tolerance is almost nil on lingerie and a lingerie.

There are very few clothing designers who put their hand on lingerie and intimate wear production packs in fashion design. Yet it is the most common and widely used garment. Technical drawings contain information that is essential for designers, buyers, pattern cutters, and production teams. Fits and measurements are the most important aspect of lingerie and precision in detailing required is more as compared to any body-hugging garments. The two most important aspect of lingerie design is its measurement spec sheet and the stitching detail. In this post i would like to highlight two aspects.
Tech Pack Design Service - Lingerie and Beach Wear

Firstly, The Measurement Detailing. Two things particularly need to be marked in this

1. The Band Size
2. The Cup Size

Both Band Size and Cup Size for any Lingerie should be measured correctly to get the right fit. Both need to be well balanced together to get the perfect shape of the Lingerie.

First let’s discuss the Band Size.

Band Size: For a Well Fitted Bra for any female the Bust should be approximately halfway between the elbow and Shoulder. In a well fitted bra, the bustling should support at the right level. Therefore the measurement of the Band size must be well proportionate to the mid-level between your shoulder and your elbow both front and back. When it sits lower at the back, it fits firmly and remains horizontal, rather than pushing upwards creating a bulge.

The sizing details of a lingerie technical pack are quite precise and there tolerance level is almost nil in lingerie design and measurement specs. So the testing for the fits of any lingerie takes longer time than any other garments. Only tech pack designer with industry experience in intimate wear design and production can be suitable as this is a very specialized field of fashion design.

Clothing Designer at  Fashion Studio Urban Purple Design Studio prepare Tech Pack Design for Various Lingerie Brands.